Encyclopedia Womannica

Healthcare Spotlight: Martha Hughes Cannon

Episode Summary

Every Sunday this month, we highlighted some of the WMN team’s favorite women in health from previous episodes in honor of the health workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Maddy Foley chose Martha Hughes Cannon (1857-1932), who was a women’s rights activist, suffragist, physician, sanitation expert, state senator and polygamous wife. Martha was heavily involved in the fight for national suffrage, and was an especially important figure in the fight for suffrage and women’s rights in Utah.

Episode Notes

Every weekday, listeners explore the trials, tragedies, and triumphs of groundbreaking women throughout history who have dramatically shaped the world around us. In each 5 minute episode, we’ll dive into the story behind one woman listeners may or may not know -- but definitely should. These diverse women from across space and time are grouped into easily accessible and engaging monthly themes like Pioneers, Dreamers, Villainesses, STEMinists, Warriors & Social Justice Warriors, and many more. Encyclopedia Womannica is hosted by WMN co-founder and award-winning journalist Jenny Kaplan. The bite-sized episodes pack painstakingly researched content into fun, entertaining, and addictive daily adventures.

Encyclopedia Womannica was created by Liz Kaplan and Jenny Kaplan, executive produced by Jenny Kaplan, and produced by Liz Smith, Cinthia Pimentel, Grace Lynch, and Maddy Foley. Special thanks to Shira Atkins, Edie Allard, and Luisa Garbowit. Theme music by Andi Kristins. 

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